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The fleet, trim, tan-over-white animals seen throughout Tracks Across Wyoming country are called antelope. They are really American Pronghorns, a unique species not related to African antelope, or any other member of the animal kingdom. Pronghorns are native to Wyoming and they outnumber the state's human population. Once they were almost extinct, but good wildlife management practices have brought them back to a point where Wyoming pronghorns are used to establish herds in other states.

They share their range with mule deer, the most common deer found in the Cowboy State. Elk and moose, their larger cousins, have a more restricted
habitat. You'll find them in the Sherman Hills between Cheyenne and Laramie, the Snowy Range between Centennial and Saratoga and in the high country around Rock Springs, Evanston and Kemmerer. Don't be too surprised to see an occasional bighorn sheep in the same areas.

Herds of wild horses still roam the Red Desert region between Rawlins and Rock Springs. Visitors might also catch sight of the massive buffalo, properly called American Bison. You'll find one on the Wyoming State Flag and a lot more at the Terry Bison Ranch south of Cheyenne and in Bear River State Park at Evanston.

maller animals abound throughout Tracks country. Coyotes, jackrabbits, badger and prairie dogs are the most common. Golden and bald eagles, a variety of hawks and falcons, ducks of all kinds, Canada geese, sandhill cranes, herons and such scavengers as ravens, magpies and turkey vultures share the sky with the Wyoming's state bird, the meadowlark.

Fishing is a major Wyoming activity and the trout is king.
Anglers pursue them by fly casting the small mountain streams or lakes, or by float fishing the North Platte and Green rivers. Lunker lake trout, browns and rainbows, together with such warmer water species as walleyed pike, bass and crappie are the prizes in such larger lakes as Seminoe State Park north of Rawlins and the huge Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area south of Rock Springs-Green River, places that are also a Mecca for camping and water sports of all kinds.



All photos on this page by Randy Wagner
1 - Seminoe State Park
2. - Coyote
3. - Antelope (pronghorn)
4. - Mule deer
5 - Herd of wild horses
6 - Bison
7 - Boating on Flaming Gorge

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