Our Mission: Tracks Across Wyoming is a partnership of Southern Wyoming organizations formed to promote, preserve, enhance and interpret the historic transcontinental transportation corridor for the purpose of economic development, education and the celebration of our heritage.


Tracks Across Wyoming will preserve, interpret and celebrate Wyoming's historic resources, natural beauty, quality of life and spirit. With first class authentic preservation and interpretation of historic sites, the corridor will be an exciting tourism experience, with opportunities for visitors to learn about the rich history and culture of southern Wyoming. The cooperative effort among communities will improve the image of the southern area of Wyoming and will improve economic stability for the region.

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The Tracks Across Wyoming Corridor stretches 400 miles across Southern Wyoming, following the route of the original transcontinental railroad. All but one of the seven major communities along the corridor were railroad towns, established when the union Pacific progressed through Wyoming from 1867-68. The corridor runs through six counties: Laramie, Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater, Lincoln and Uinta.

The corridor is a significant historic transportation route containing rich resources from Wyoming's past. Prehistoric animals roamed the expanse, the mountain men explored the region and historic trails (Oregon, Overland, Mormon and Pony Express) crossed the landscape. Fossils, stage stops, railroad depots, roundhouses, seven National Register downtown areas, mining and timber camps and historic ranches all tell the story of the exploration and settlement of the state. The Old Lincoln Highway, Route 30, and today's Interstate 80 connect the resources of the auto age. Present day mines, oil fields, commercial areas, modern public facilities, and our people continue the saga.

any communities in Wyoming are looking to tourism as a source of economic development. While one community alone may not be able to attract visitors on a large scale, by banding together we can create a regional attraction. Citizens of Southern Wyoming recognized the potential in developing a heritage corridor, which could become a tourist destination. The corridor area is undeveloped, with virtually intact historic and natural resources and a varied, beautiful landscape. Communities are well spaced which make them convenient stops along the 400-mile stretch of corridor. Each community has exciting features with the potential of developing additional attractions. Tracks Across Wyoming will showcase each community's assets, resources and character while promoting the region as a whole.


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