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Laramie is the perfect place to experience the history of Tracks Across Wyoming, from prehistoric dinosaurs to the latest technology. Laramie offers museums, the Territorial Prison and Old West Park, a planetarium, an herbarium…basically, whatever your interest, Laramie’s the answer. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for events and specials!

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Great Outdoors
WY Childrens’ Museum and Nature Center
968 N. 9th
Laramie, WY
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Botany Conservatory
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UW Planetarium
University of Wyoming Planetarium, UW PhotoVisit Website
Rocky Mountain Herbarium
3rd floor Aven Nelson Building
UW Campus
Laramie, WY
Medicine Bow National Forest
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Lake Marie is one of many beautiful spots in the Medicine Bow National Forest.
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Digging For History
UW Geological Museum
S.H. Knight Geology Building
UW Campus
Laramie, WY
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UW Anthropology Museum
1st Floor Anthropology Building
UW Campus
Laramie, WY
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UW Archeological Repository
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Como Bluffs Fossil Cabin
49 miles NW of Laramie on Highway 30
(Lincoln Highway)
Como Bluffs was an early site for dinosaur bones, first found in 1877, it became the scene of a “dinosaur war” between Yale University and the Peabody Museum of Natural History.
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Trails, Rails & Highway Tales
Ames Monument
Located just south of I-80
Between Cheyenne and Laramie
Ames Monument honors Oliver and Oakes Ames who were instrumental in financing the original transcontinental railroad. Built in 1882, it was designed by architect Henry H. Richardson and features bas-relief sculptures by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
Henry B. Joy Monument and Lincoln Bust
Sherman Pass Summit Visitor Center
I-80 east of Laramie
Henry B. Joy was one of the founders of cross-country travel as he was instrumental in the creation of the Lincoln Highway. The heroic sized bust of Abraham Lincoln can easily be seen from I-80. It marks the highest point, 8,400’ above sea level, of the Lincoln Highway which was established in 1913.
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Colorful Characters & Communities
Laramie Plains Museum
603 Invinson (Invinson Mansion)
Laramie, WY
(307) 742-4448
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American Heritage Center
21111 Willett Dr.
Laramie, WY
(307) 766-4114 Visit Website
Boardwalk Saddle Museum
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Wyoming Territorial Prison
975 Snowy Range Road
Laramie, WY
(307) 745-6161
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Wyoming Territorial Prison, the original penitentiary, was built in 1872. Infamous outlaws such as Butch Cassidy were imprisoned within its walls. There are daily tours during the summer season.
Nici Self Museum
Centennial, WY
Centennial is 30 miles west of Laramie at the edge of the Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest. Open during the summer season.
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Albany County
Tourism Board

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